Theology is my Love Language

Since I was a sophomore in college, I have made an effort into studying leadership in the Christian community. One of the aspects of it that has always managed to stick out to… Continue reading

If you shop on Thanksgiving, you are part of the problem

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:
I’m a capitalist. It’s not my religion, I won’t bow before its altar, I won’t kiss its ring, but I believe in capitalism. It’s an invention…

A Response to “Who You Are NOT: Every Woman Should Throw up at This”

So, there have been two videos that have kind of been going on lately. One is called “Every Woman Should Watch This”. The second is called “Who You are Not: Every Woman Should… Continue reading

When They Cry

I have a love/hate relationship with people. Getting the opportunity to witness the vulnerability of others is a beautiful thing. Watching someone’s eyes light up as they’re describing a passion of theirs has… Continue reading

We Did Life Together…

So if you’ve been keeping up with my blog at all, you may recall my first post: Plans Before Pittsburgh, where I outlined three goals that I had in mind to live out… Continue reading

Why I Don’t Wear Make-Up

This has been a blog post that has been in my head for some time. Discussing areas of beauty and each woman’s view on using make-up is a really touchy subject. I wanted… Continue reading

Coming to Terms with my Inner ENTJ

So, these past few weeks have actually been more difficult than I let on. Something happened that left me in a pretty wrecked state: I accepted that I really am an ENTJ. For… Continue reading

Grace Gifts

As Casual Friday indicated to me yesterday, I have officially been in Pittsburgh for two weeks.  Reflecting on that, I am not surprised at all that time seemed to go by super quickly.… Continue reading

Photo Journey Through Penn State

For those of you who do not know this, I am a sentimental person. I must say though, that if you do not know this about me, you obviously don’t know me very… Continue reading

Plans before Pittsburgh

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail All throughout my life I have loved leading. When I get into a new organization or activity, I really get into it. It’s borderline obsessive,… Continue reading